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Panj Pyare

Before departing to Sach Khand Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave the Guruship to Panj Pyares and ordered Panj Pyares to lead the Panth. For past century their role in the Panth/Gurudwaras has been minimized for merely religious ceremonies with no actual decision making power. At the same time, we have seen an increase in the quarrels and conflicts in our religious institutions. Same Gurdwaras that were freed from corrupt masands seems to be again enslaved by the committee system run by similar individuals that possess little understanding of teachings of Gurbani. We believe that we are all suffering from this malice due to not following the orders of our Gurus. would like to start the discussion of how we can restore Panj Pyares right place in Sikh Institutions and align our-self with the teaching of Our Guru which would bring peace and harmony in Sikh Panth.

Who Are Panj Pyare ?

The Panj Pyares or the beloved five are the foundation of Gurmat/Guru’s Teachings. In Gurmukhi the word Panj “ਪੰਚ” refers to the saintly people of this

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Their Importance 

The need for Sikhs to organize as a powerful force is greater than ever. In recent times we have witnessed increase in injustice, violation

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The Hukam Of Guru 

As we have learned about the Panj Pyares (five beloved) and their importance in Sikh way of live. We also talked about all the positive changes which

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