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Following the Humak of Guru

As we have learned about the Panj Pyares (five beloved) and their importance in Sikh way of live. We also talked about all the positive changes which took place when Panj Payare were initiated by Guru Gobind Singh into Khalsa Panth. We talked about the downfall of Sikh Raj at the hands of Sikh Maharajas by not following the Guru’s advice when ruling the nation. We also discussed how british tried to eliminate the Panj Payaras rehat by incarceration and murder. How British government created SGPC by hand picking its 36 founding members to control the Sikh political power and Gurudwaras. Later a alien concept of Gathedar was introduced by SGPC to remove the concept Panj Payare from the Takts. There is no mention or role of Gathedars in the Sikh religious before 1920. Recently we have seen how SGPC removed Akal Takat’s Panj Payare, this was not a abstract concidence by a long thought plan to completely remove the concept of Pan Payare from the Sikh Panth.

When we look at the current role of Panj Payare and their function in the Sikh religious institution, we realize that they have been given a mere ceremonial role of leading the processions and conducting Amrit Cinchar / baptism ceremony. Besides these responsibilities their role should have been more engaging in taking decisive actions to lead the Khalsa Panth and Sikhs for which it was created by our 10th Guru. Why is it that  “sikh intellectuals” have failed to realize this conspiracy to minimize such an important role of Panj Payara from the Sikh tradition? Why is it that in past 100 years no one have realized that there is something terribly wrong with the picture here. Could it be that most of the so called “sikh intellectuals” have become paid employees of the committee system. In the times of Guru it was such a bad thing to take money from someone in exchange of spiritual knowledge. Pandits were regularly scolded in Gurus for taking money for activities such as reading scriptures, performing marriges and rituals. There are numerous examples of this scolding in Gurbani. But isn’t that what  these granthies, kahtakars and pathies are doing taking money. They have completely replaced Pandits, we can say that they are neo-pandits trying to disguise themself as Sikhs.  Now they are equally liable to punishment from the Guru.

Guru Ji did not create Panj Payaras to mere head the ceremonial processions. It was not a mistake that such a important factor was overlooked but in fact it was intentionally done by panthic dokies / enemy. The reason why we seen so much injustice / instability in Sikh religious and political intuitions is because we have evil forces that do not deserve the central role in Sikh Institutions. They have been wrongfully holding to the power by intentionally deluding the Sangat. But their days are numbered like someone said “everything that is done in the dark must come to light” Now is the time for Sangat to wake up and realize the Truth.

Now that we have realized the Panth Dokies / culprits, the main question still remains. How do we remove the committee system and bring back Panj Pyaras into religious institutions?

Religious System:

Besides Panj Takats, there are over three thousand Gurdwaras throughout the globe. Including Panj Takats most of these are run by the committee system which is run by the pardhans, most of the times these pardhas have no spiritual interest or desire to do sawa, their sole driving force is personal fame and gain. Most of them bless themself with huge salieries to do “sewa” Under these committees we have seen increasing conflicts within Gurdwaras, mostly the quarrels are between committee pardhans which slowly spill over the sangat. Did you know that there is no concept of clergy or priesthood in Sikh faith? It was created out of thin air to take away the control of Gurdwaras from the Sangat and Panj Payare. At the time of Gurus and even later most of the Gurdhams were managed by the local Sangat, katha, kirtan, path from Guru Granth Sahib was all done by Sangat herself. There was 24hr parkash of Guru Granth Sahib and the ceremonies were limited so no pathy/pandit  priest were needed in the Gurdwaras. Having paid ragi, pathy, khatakar worked perfectly in the favor pant dokhies ( panth enemies) as it would allow them to disguise these ragi, pathy, and khatakar as Panj Payaras. The panth dokhies have created this clergy system to strengthen themself in numbers and so it is easy to control the Sangat and steal their money. They use this money to strengthen themself and weaken Sikh Panth

But where is their strength coming from ? the main source of their strength is the Sangats daswand. Every Time we attend a Gurudwaras we donate money into the golak. We need to realize that all this money is causing the problem by making these panth dokhi in the form of committee system a forces stronger. Not that donating to the gurus golak is wrong as long as it is going to the right cause. It says that “Guru ki golak, gareeb a muhu” meaning that Gurus golak should be used for the weak and oppressed. so until we can take back our Gurdwaras and spend the sangats daswand towards the noble causes, we need to be careful when putting money into golak. The goal is to weaken the committee system within and eventually remove it from our Gurudwarsas. If you were giving lets say $1 now give 10 cents. As the committee system become weaker and Sangats become stronger very soon we will start taking back the Gurdwaras one by one eventually taking back Panj Takats by replacing the corrupt Jatehdars with noble Panj Payras. Second important things we need to do is start dialog / parchar in our Gurudwaras. We need to organize ourself and a great force to bring about this change. The task in front of us might look big or at times impossible but it can be done with the Grace of our Guru.

The committee system in the Gurdwaras has done much damage to the panth for which it was designed for. It has divided our strength in order to illegally rule our Gurudwaras. It is time for the panth to realize this problem and remove the committee system from the Gurudwara.

Lets us organize now to spread the truth of Gurbani though our the world.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.